• Date : 27 Oct 2018 (Saturday)
  • Time : 9:00 am – 12:45 pm (Reception will start at 8:30 am with coffee/tea)
  • Venue : LT-A (SEE MAP)

Opening Ceremony
Welcome Speech:President Wei SHYY, The Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyWatch Video
Opening Remarks:Secretary KS Wong, Environment Bureau, HKSAR GovernmentWatch Video
Opening Introduction:Prof Christine Loh, Chairperson of CARe2018 Hong Kong ConferenceWatch Video
Panel 1: Overview of Climate Science & Policies

This panel will provide the latest international thinking on climate adaptation and resilience, including providing an update on the latest climate science, China’s climate change policy, including Hong Kong, as well as implementation of the Paris Agreement.
Moderator: Christine LOH, Chief Development Strategist, Institute for the Environment, HKUST

Panelists:KS Wong, Secretary for Environment, HKSAR Government
Director C M SHUN, Hong Kong Observatory, HKSAR Government
Ruby LEUNG, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Center for Atmospheric Research, USA
QI Ye, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
Carlos LIMA, University of Brasilia, Brazil
Stephanie GLENDINNING, University of Newcastle, England
Coffee/Tea Break
Panel 2: Climate Adaptation of Excessive Water Challenges

This panel will discuss climate adaptation pertaining to tropical regions, where challenges related to excessive water must be managed. Discussion will focus on geotechnical risk assessment in relations to landslides, as well as flood risks, sea level rise and oceans-related issues.
Moderator: Mengqian LU, Assistant Professor, HKUST, Hong Kong

Panelists:ZHANG Xuebin, CSIRO, Australia
Winston CHOW, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Vaughan GRIFFITHS, Colorado School of Mines, USA
Michael DAVIES, University of Sussex, England
Edwin LAU, Chief Engineer, Drainage Services Department, HKSAR Government
Julian KWAN, Chief Geotechnical Engineering Officer, Civil Engineering and Development Department, HKSAR Government
Ricky WONG, Deputy Head, Civil Engineering Office (Port & Land), Civil Engineering and Development Department, HKSAR Government
Panel 3: Resilience against Climate Extremes

This panel will focus on climate resilience issues for society as a whole, the specific challenges of delta regions, energy-water-food nexus, city planning, desire for ‘smart’ connected cities, social justice and roles of government, business and philanthropy.
Moderator:Kira MATUS, Associate Professor, HKUST, Hong Kong

Panelists:DAI Minhan, Xiamen University
Chris ZEVENBERGEN, IHE Delft, Netherlands
Andy LIPKIS, Founder and President, TreePeople, USA
Rick TRUSCOTT, Chief Operating Officer, CLP Power, Hong Kong
Deepak SHARMA, Director of the Centre for Energy Policy, University of Technology Sydney, Australia
Daniel KREEGER, Executive Director, Association of Climate Change Officers, USA
Conference Lunch